2ndLT William L. Yarbrough (Tag) KIA Nov 26, 1943

2LT William Yarbrough Tag and Bernice.On the left: William's grave at the Ardennes American Cemetery

On the right: 2LT William L. Yarbrough and his wife Bernice.

Kimberly Moore (grandchild of 2LT Yarbrough) wrote:

I have the article that TAG sent to family but was put in paper---it reads---"Just a little bad how the war is when you are flying alongside a ship with some of your best friends in it and all of a sudden it get hit by a fighter and explode in midair, with WWII Memorialeverything and everybody flying over the sky , with no one having a chance to get out alive, that is the most sickeing and horrible feeling any person could have, and I have seen that happen, but we just have to keep our chin up and pray that we wont be next one. Gregory the Great has some holes in it but is still flying swell-we just patch it up and keep going. This war is no picnic and there will be lots of heartaches and tough going ahead. You should see how these Americans boys face death. Just before we go into a mission we are laughing and joking even knowing that some of us want be back. America should be proud of their boys. I am still looking forward to coming home. Quotes from Tag Yarbrough in paper-very deep and touching but for real-these men died with pride for us-God Bless

2LT William Yarbrough Tag Yarbrough Purple Heart William Yarbrough.

Escape photo of William Yarbrough. Her the escape photo for William Yarbrough (Tag). Escape photos were taken in civilian clothes; the airman would take the photos with him on a mission with the hope that if he were shot down and evaded capture they could be used to make fake identity cards.

Special thanks to Annette Tisson
, researcher of the 392th Bomb Grp for sharing this photos.

The grave of 2LT William Yarbrough is adopted by my friend Emmanuel Papin.

Emmanuel at the grave of 2LT yarbrough Emmanuel at the grave of 2LT Yarbrough Me and Emmanuel at the grave of 2LT Yarbrough

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