SSGT Svend A. Krogh Born May 9, 1921 - KIA Nov 26, 1943


SSGT Svend A. Krogh KIA Nov 26, 1943 SSGT Svend A. KroghSSgt Svend Krogh was born in 1921, the son of Peter and Katherine Bonde Krogh. sThe Krogh’s were Danish immigrants. From their homeland, they completed their journey in Iowa where Peter became a tenant farmer. Svend was one of 3 siblings(1 sister and brother). His sister, Inger, is the eldest and still living in Greenwood, Indiana. Svend was the middle child. The youngest was Hjalmar Peter Krogh, the father of our crew family members, Suzanne Dahl and Jan Deaver. They have limited information about Svend because his father (their grandfather) died 2 years after Svend’s death and his mother was so devastated that she could not speak of him. So due to her grief, the family was silent on the subject. 
However, it is known that the farm they lived on was located outside of Hampton, Iowa. Svend and his brother and sister grew up during the depression in poverty.(That was likely true of many of the crew.) But Svend’s family lived in farm country where times were even harder than in an industrial area, Due to the lack of money for food and clothing, Svend went to work on a neighboring farm. 
Hanging out in Topeka 1943.When the war came, Svend had the opportunity to take pride in serving his country and helping himself and his family, He was the nose gunner on Gregory the Great. That position was one of 2 of the most dangerous positions on the aircraft. (The other was the tail gunner.) He faced the enemy head on, trying his best to protect the plane and his crewmates. 
His brother, Hjalmar, followed Svend in battle. He served in the Navy in the South Pacific on the US Terror. He was a radioman. One day, he felt ill and thought he would go to sick bay, but decided that he could make it and went on to his duty station. Sometime during that day, his ship was kamikazied and the sick bay took the direct hit.(Many of the crew had more than one member of their family in the war; luckily, they returned.)  
Svend’s niece, Suzanne and her husband have twice visited his grave at Ardennes Cemetery in Belgium. The cemetery personnel drop everything to attend to the surviving family members and a memorial ceremony is performed. She reports that the experience was overwhelming for her even though she never knew her Uncle Svend. 

This information was provided by the family of SSgt Svend Krogh his brother, Hjalmar’s family: Suzanne Dahl, Jan Deaver, Dr. Steven Krogh, David Krogh, Scott Krogh, and his sister Inger Miller’s family.

3 letters from Svend's parents to the Bolick family. MIA telegram and KIA telegram.

Letters to Bolick family Letters to Bolick family. Letter to Bolick family. Missing in action. Killed in Action telegram

SSGT Svend Krogh's grave at the Ardennes American Cemetery and Svend with his younger brother Hjalmar Krogh.

SSGT Svend Krogh KIA Nov 26, 1943 Svend and Hjalmar Krogh SGT Krogh

Since April 18, 1999 SSGT Svend Krogh's grave is adopted by Luc and his little daughter Laura. Luc visit and pay respect, place flowers on each Memorial Day.

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Special thanks to Suzanne Dahl and Jan Deaver for the letters and photos of their uncle SSGT Svend Krogh. Also thanks to Annette Tison and Judy Sparks for the friendly help.