SSGT Dalton W. Harris KIA Nov 26, 1943

SSGT Dalton W. Harris

Received this mail from Lisa

Good Morning Philippe:

We talked with Dalton's brother Jim last night and we didn't get much information.
His mom and dads name were James and Irene Harris. The lived in Utica, NY all their lives.
Dalton has one brother James Harris who is still live. Jim is 89 so his birth year is 1922. Jim said his brother was 3 years older than him so it would make Daltons birth year 1919. He does not know the exact date.
Dalton did well in school. We found an old report card and he was a A/B student. Also by the picture we sent you he loved his motorcycle.
I have been searching the internet for information on his birth and marriage and have come up with nothing. I will keep looking.
Attached are 2 pictures that we found in Jim's album. Don't this I will have much more for you since this is the only album in his house.

I will keep searching for information and keep you updated.

Thanks again for everything.

Lisa Harris

In the next future there will be ad more information on SSGT Dalton W. Harris.

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