1LT Henry P. Bolick (Pete) Born Feb 25, 1922 - KIA Nov 26, 1943

LT Henry Bolick story: Ziehier het verhaal van Henry Bolick verteld door zijn zuster Judy Sparks die mij brieven en foto's bezorgde.

Here the story of Henry told by his sister Judy Sparks who gave me all the letters and Judy with Purple Heart medal.photos on LT Henry Bolick and his mates.

"I was only 3 years old when we lost my brother, H.P. My Mother's dream was for me to get to Belgium to visit the cemetery - the closest I ever got was Amsterdam on the way to a business trip to Rome. I asked for the longest layover hoping I could get there, but it was not enough time. zi would love to come to the 2011 ceremony at the cemetery, but cannot make it this year. If the Good Lord is willing and there is a 2012 ceremony, I shall make every effort to attend and see your beautiful country."

Ont the right: H.P.'s Baby Sister with Medal - Official U.S. Army Photo

Personal History of 1Lt Henry Pearson Bolick, Jr. (known to his family as H.P. and to his friends as Pete)

Cadet Henry Bolick1LT H.P. Bolick, Jr. (Pete/H.P) born Feb. 25, 1922, was the eldest son of Henry Pearson Bolick, Sr. and Inez Gist Bolick. As a youth, he was a good student, a good Christian, a good friend, and a very responsible, loving son. Like most of the Union County youth, he loved the County Fair, Fireworks and Christmas, Hunting, and Fishing, the "picture show" and hisHis wife Pat friends and family. He loved everyone and they loved him. H.P. graduated from Union High School at age 17 in May 1939. He always wanted to be in the military as his father was, but he wanted to fly, to see the world. Having lived with the loss and love of him all my life, I know these things to be true, but they are also reflected in the letters he wrote to my parents during his lengthy training stay at Fort Jackson SC as a National Guard volunteer and an Infantry non-com. His military service begins November 1939 before the US enters WWII.
Pilot 1LT Henry BolickIn the letters that discussed his life and his military training as a cadet and pilot, he matures and grows even more determined and devoted to being a great student, Christian, friend, very responsible, loving son, and above all a pilot and warrior. However, he wishes that mankind was better and wars were not necessary. He accepts and is positive about every change in his life whether his choice or the Army's. Even in uncomfortable situations, he regards them as an opportunity to overcome and succeed. He is a patriot toPete in his B-24 the core and grateful for the opportunity to serve humanity. (He sees his beloved home and family and sweetheart once in 19 months for a week when his father is very ill. As much as he liked all the places in the Western US where he was stationed, he always hoped to come back East, nearer home.).

Judy Sparks.

Time line of 1LT Bolick.
Here the story and timeline of 1LT Henry Bolick before and during WWII told by his sister Judy by the letters Pete wrote to his family, click on the book to read the emotional story.

Here are some fragments of letters that Pete wrote to his family

5/12-27/1942 – Pete receives back mail - 10 letters and 2 cards from family and friends and Pat. He tells Mother that he will not marry until after the war; that he should not have mentioned it. He is expecting to leave for primary flight school soon, and expresses wishes to go to Randolph Field TX because it is big and beautiful and well-known all over the U.S. and may help him get a job after the war, but says it doesn't really matter as long as he gets his wings. He says "if I got them in Santuc , S.C., I'd be just as proud of them. " Drilling has decreased; classes increased. He is studying math, code, and physics. He has never had code or physics, but will work hard to get it. He tells my parents not to worry about my cousin going overseas without enough training. H.P.'s Pilot wings and ring of Pete.grandmother (Mrs. D. C. Gist) had 12 grandsons in the war. Pete responds, "I hope he won't have to leave for sometime yet, but if he does he'll be alright and after all we want this war to be over and it will never be that way until we leave the U.S. It would be awful nice to sit around and let someone else do the fighting, but folks, I am not the type. I don't want to fight any more than anybody else, but when my time comes, I'll be throwing lead along with the rest of my old buddies in the air or on the ground. I may never see some friends again until after the war, but we will be aiming at the same target. We don't want to fight, but you can bet ole Union, S.C. will be well represented, when the time comes." Pete is very proud of the boys from Union. Pat is graduating, and he cannot leave the post to get her something. He tells Mother that she understands and is the sweetest girl he has ever known. He hopes to find "Goo", his dearest friend, when he gets overseas. He pleads with Mother not to worry so much. He talks about his uncle Jack who loses control of his emotions and how it hurts his son in the Army. He tells Mother that he kind of expects her to cry, but if Dad ever did, "there would be trouble."

8/11/1943 – Pete flies over Union and drops Mother and Pat packages with a letter and silk pillow case inside.( His sister Judy: I found the pillow case in its original package that he dropped in the box with all his letters and had it framed.) All of the crew did the same for their families as they flew over their homes.

Letter Pillow click on photo

1LT Bolick's wife Farris Boling received postume his Purple Heart Medal,see photo below:
Purple Heart medalNewspapersclip on MIAPete writing to his wifePete and Pat

Poem about Pete and the crew wrote by his sister Judith A. Sparks


"My beloved brother flew across the ocean blue supported by his crew. 
They planned to defeat the enemy with their courage and their B-24.
These brave Americans arrived in the beautiful English countryside
greeted by a friendly, welcoming force. 
But soon these young men would learn that in spite of their courage,
war was a hell they would not likely endure
But they continued to fight with great honor to keep their country safe and pure. 
They flew day after day seeing their fellow airmen fall from the skies to the enemy floor.
Then one very cold November day, they crossed the North Sea in their troubled B-24.
They bombed Bremen and headed for the English shore. 
We do not know if the troubled plane or enemy fire was the cause of the angels escorting them to meet God that day,
But we know how much we suffered the loss of someone so dear, and we mourn his loss to this day.
For on this earth, he was such an incredible guy, loved and respected by all he knew.
And Heaven gained an incredible archangel that will always love and protect as God
directs him to."

Dedicated to 1Lt Henry P. Bolick, Jr. by his devoted sister,
Judy Sparks, October 14, 2014

Photos of the Pete and the crew and the B-24 "Gregory the Great".

1LT Bolick and 2LT Smith Gregory the Great in flight

The names of 1LT Henry Bolick and TSGT George Campbell are on the tablets of missing at the Netherlands American Cemetery Margraten, Netherland. 

1LT Henry Bolick TSGT George Campbell KIA Nov 26 1943 Henry Bolick's personal memorial

Lorraine and Kiara, the wonderful ladies who adopted H.P.'s name on The Wall of the Missing at the Netherlands American Cemetery, Margraten and Philippe's wife Cathy with a photo of Pete in front of his name. 

Kiara Cathy in front of Wall of missings

On April 26, 2012 Judy visited the Netherlands American Cemetery where Pete's name is engraved on the Tablet of Missing.

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Special thanks to Judy Sparks and Annette Tison for all the photos and documents they provided in Memory of all the men of this crew. Any information on each man of this crew is welcome, contact me at vanderdonckt.ph@skynet.be .

News article published in the "Houston Home Journal" on June 2, 2018, is about 2LT Henry Bolick brother of Judith A. Sparks KIA on November 26, 1943. He is still missed and loved by Judy. (click on the photo to open new page)

Article Houston Home Journal